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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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she was a very kind-hearted, outgoing, nice person, went out of her way to help you. very special person. >> she owed her life to the kindness of strangers. ironically tonight police in the east bay say it was also a stranger who ended it. one act lasting for mere seconds could cost a man she never knew years behind bars. good evening, i'm tom sinkovitz. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. walking her dog ended her life.
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a 52-year-old east bay woman run down not once but twice. killed by a young man who fled. but who is he? and how could he leave a dying woman on the side of the road? her dog stepped on to the street in concord when she and her dog were hit by a car. that 17-year-old driver stopped. but a second driver who struck lindbergh again just left. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in concord with a story that caught even her by surprise. cheryl? >> reporter: it caught me by surprise because i went to the area trying to figure out what happened to this woman and her dog. i did that. but in the process, i met a man and his wife who had been working for the past two years to feed their community. >> candy, canned foods, water. >> reporter: john coward is a retired city worker. by admission, no angel, he made a lot of money selling drugs and blue a lot of money using them. but then he found his passion,
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feeding homeless people who happen to live in this middle-class neighborhood. >> we get problems with people not wanting to feed in their neighborhood. they've got to be head. >> reporter: he and his wife also knew the woman who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> we had been feeding her off and on. she comes and goes. >> reporter: when she came for food, she always had her dog, samantha, with her. police believe she died trying to protect her dog. the two were walking on salano way when the dog ran into the road and was hit by a car. lindborg was hit trying to save her dog when the second driver truck and killed her and her dog and drove away. >> she'll be missed. >> reporter: jennifer is lindborg's close friend. the two are a part of concord's homeless community. >> i know this about the dogs and the people out there. they won't go to the homeless shelter because of their dog. >> reporter: coward will not let them go hungry.
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and his goal is to ultimately help them get off the street. >> she's in a better place, maybe. who knows? >> reporter: she is. she's in a better place, absolutely she is. yeah, if she was living on the street and she was having a hard life, she was probably protecting the dog for some reason, so she's absolutely in a better place. >> reporter: now, tonight police are looking for that hit-and-run driver. he's described as a man with dark hair with blond tips. he it had a passenger, a young woman with shoulder length hair dark in color. they are also saying on saturday a memorial is planned for the woman and her dog in concord. reporting live in concord, i'm cheryl hurd, bay area news. >> thank you. it's dense, it's dangerous and it could stop your morning commute. we are talking about fog. lots of it moving into the bay area. we have video in from concord earlier this evening. the fog is moving in, as you can see here along concord avenue.
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and it's going to get worse. chief meteorologist jeff raneri is in the weather center. >> over 350 miles of fog rht now stretchinghtosstate including the interstate 5 corridor. ght here in the bay area, we are under a dense fog advisor fo r all of our lowerlevations at this point. for the north bay looking for anywhere from a quarter to a tentof a mile visibilityte as we head throughout this morning. also a tenth of a mile visibility here throughout the east bay fromm danvill to cvi ford into fairfield. that's where we'll be the worst for the east bay. meanwhile, a quarter to a half mile visibility in the south bay. some of the strongest areas of fog developing remains in the north bay. we'll tell you who will have the worst commute coming up. >> all right, jeff. we'll soon know how will wall street react to news that apple co-founder and ceo steve jobs is taking a medical leave again. there are serious new concerns
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tonight about the future of apple given that no company's fortunes are more closely tied to its lead. george kitiyama is live with reaction plus a look at the potentially rough road ahead. george. >> reporter: that's right. steve jobs is considered by many to be the heart and soul of apple. so anytime jobs says something or in this case announces he's going on medical leave, you know a lot of people will react from investors to consumers. in 2004, steve jobs had pancreatic cancer surgery. five years later the ceo had a liver transplant. now 17 days into 2011, jobs announces he's taking medical leave. >> it's pretty scary. we all have our mortality. and i think -- you know, it's pretty disheartening for the whole apple community. and we're pretty scared about what is going to happen. >> reporter: while jobs is on leave, apple's number two man,
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chief operating officer tim cook will see to the day-to-day operations. this will be his third time leading apple in jobs' absence, leading many consumers to believe apple will be okay. >> he has an incredible team. it's him and it's all the employees. >> reporter: but there's some worry that jobs' health may cause an icrash in stock markets around the world. apple took a 6.2% dive on germany's frankfurt market. investors here are definitely concerned. >> i feel like people reacted a certain way. people get a little worried. we'll see where it goes. >> without a doubt, the stock market will -- apple stock will go down for a while. and then we will find out, oh, maybe apple is an incredible company and it's going to be fine. >> reporter: some are looking at what this would mean long term for apple's future. >> if steve jobs were to perish now, this company would go through a period of downturn where people say, is it going to
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continue? but what he started has such momentum that i'm sure it will continue. >> reporter: now, so far, steve jobs' medical leave has not affected the nikkei stock market in japan. investors are waiting to see as well as the earnings report tomorrow. keep an eye on components suppliers. two stocks have slipped including tpk. d dropping 1.5%. george kitiyama, nbc bay area news. moving from one side of the bay to another, oakland's number one law enforcement may be heading south. oakland police chief anthony batt is one of two finalists vying to become san jose's top cop. san jose's acting police chief, chris moore, also in the running for that post. while batt says he's still with oakland for now, his new boss is playing catch-up. >> right now my focus is on
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oakland. it would be presumptuous to talk about something else. >> he told me when they came to head hunt him, they had agreed to put his name in. i wish he had told me earlier, but again, i don't control that. >> the mayor says she'll immediately appoint an intern search and begin a nationwide search for a replacement. over the years it has become a revolving door in alameda. and this evening they announced its newest head coach, hue jackson. how long will he be around? raj mathai joins us with the always fluid details when it comes to the raiders. >> you know the drill, fluid is the key word. this is the raiders' sixth head coach in the past eight years. team owner al davis has no shortage of critics. they say his good judgment has passed him by in his advanced age. we've seen this movie before, the last time in 2008. the 81-year-old davis with his
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now famous overhead projector, firing tom cable. we'll see if davis is on hand for tomorrow's news conference. offensive coordinator hue jackson will be promoted to head coach. jackson well regarded around the nfl, a longtime assistant coach. but this will be his first head coaching position on any level. 45 years old, grew up in l.a. and at one point was steve mariucci's offensive coordinator at cal. the statement now from al davis late this afternoon, in part it reads, quote, the fire in hugh will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the raiders. and the irony in all of this, former head coach tom cable whom they ousted just two weeks ago is filing a grievance against al davis. we'll have that part of the story just ahead. >> it never ends. raj, thank you. well, up next, a case of vigilante justice and a stunning new development. two men are dead. the family of one of them opens
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up to nbc bay area news. i mean, it's a miracle. >> two hours to end ten years of pain. no more pills, no more treatments, and most importantly, no more headaches, period. the medical breakthrough that can cure your headaches forever. plus, the battle on the home front. soldiers forced into foreclosure after putting their lives on the line abroad. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll talk about the delays and where the worst of the fog will bein m.utesco fng up ininutes m
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tinchts two men lay dead at a san jose shopping center over the weekend. one of them was a man once arrested in the disappearance of janine harms many years ago. the other was the brother of the missing woman. who decided to take justice into his own hands and then killed himself. as nbc bay area's kris sanchez tells us, it all unfolded saturday night at the saratoga shopping center in san jose. >> reporter: san jose police say 52-year-old wayne sanchez killed himself in front of this red
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robin restaurant saturday night after confronting then gunning down his sister's suspected killer inside pete's coffee and tea. his daughter spoke exclusively with us. >> my girlfriends are really devastated at the loss of their son and daughter, and this is just a really hard situation for all of us and especially for my grandparents. >> reporter: we are respecting the sanchezs' privacy. when they talked with us in may, they were frustrated. >> we're going to be dead by then. you know how old i am. >> reporter: sanchez's aunt says people are asking her whether it was premeditated. she said of course not. that he ran into the man he thought killed his sister and was very upset. that's what marty foster thinks happened, too. she was friends with janine and with wayne. >> he never got over it. every time i talked to him, he would still come back, he would be so emotional. it would all come out. i never thought he would do
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that. >> reporter: he was arrested and charged with harms' murder in 2004, but charges were dropped in 2007. after more than two years in jail, he walked a free man. however, the harms investigation is still not over. fibers are now being tested at the nation's top fiber lab. >> there was some questions as to the work that was done at our laboratory, and that's we we went is to the leading expert in the country. wr that could take six months. for the sanchez family, there may never be relief. >> you know what? i speculate. i think there's going to be the will to live is not there anymore because losing both children that you adore and that everyone adores, we all love them. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> such a loss. his message of freedom and equality resonated throughout the bay area as thousands marched to honor dr. martin luther king jr. the freedom ride had people bound for san francisco.
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once in the city, marchers sang songs as they walked through city streets recalling the struggle and the legacy of king's life. >> he wanted justice between all races of people. and he cares about justice and injustice america was doing. >> the march ended at the martin luther king memorial where house minority leader nancy pelosi reminded everyone of the poignancy of king's message of nonviolence, especially in the wake of the recent arizona shootings. on that topic, the uc-santa cruz graduate that was killed was remembered today. gabe zimmerman received a degree in social work from the school. he went on to get his master's degree at arizona state university's school of social work in tucson. that's where a memorial was held for zimmerman today. he had become the director of community outreach for congresswoman giffords. the congresswoman herself survived the shooting rampage,
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and doctors say she could be just days away from getting out of the hospital and into rehab. >> it could be a matter of days or weeks. it's a matter of getting all that information from our own therapists when they think she's ready to move forward. >> giffords underwent a pair of surgeries over the weekend, and her husband says she was able to give him a bedside back rub. well, if you suffer from migraines as i do, you know they can be debilitating. massive head pain, horrible nausea and scorching sensitivity to light and noise. the combination of symptoms that can leave you in tears. but tonight there's a medical breakthrough in the bay area, one that promises to relieve your headache in just one procedure. vicky nguyen has more. >> pit in your stomach, you vomit and can't move. sometimes they last up to three days. i would rather have a baby with no epidural than have a migraine headache. that's how excruciating they
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are. >> reporter: excruciating headaches. deana says she's had them nearly every day for the past seven years. >> you can't live like that. >> reporter: she's not alone. it's estimated that 29 million people in the u.s. suffer from migraine headaches. and like many of those people, she tried everything from medication to surgery, but nothing helped until she met the doct doctor. >> many people don't know this is possible. >> reporter: he's one of only two doctors in the bay area performing peripheral nerve surgery to treat migraines. he says migraines are sometimes caused by the pinching of nerves at trigger points. in her case, the back of her head. the procedure clears away tissue, muscle, even arteries compressing the nerve causing pain. he says it's like unclogging a crowded freeway. >> you basically create a bigger space so that the nerve is no longer pinched as you move your head back and forth, up or down. >> i'm sitting here smiling. it's a miracle. >> reporter: just three months after surgery, she says her headaches are gone. the doctor says his other
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patients have had similar results. >> we're batting .1000. >> and while not everyone who suffers from migraines is a candidate, the doctor says thousands of people could benefit from this procedure. for deana, a two-hour surgery took away seven years of pain. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: vicky nguyen. she said patients usually go home the same day. they've ruled out every other disease and they have tried medication without any success. >> which describes an awful lot of people we know including you. >> that's right. jeff is standing by. it's a little soupy out there tonight, but things should get better tomorrow. >> slowly but surely. we're going to tell you this will be the worst. as we head throughout the morning. that way you can plan extra time. into those communities as we head through tomorrow. we didn't start off with the fog. a nice rebound. we hit 59 in san jose.
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64 in livermore. and temperatures from 62 in san francisco to just 52 in san rafael. right now dense fog advisory for all of our low-lying areas here in the bay area from the north bay right down to the south bay. shvery calm winds a d aiding continuing to develop. let's get a look at our visibilities. extremely low for this time of the night. in santa rosa, a quarter mile visibility. those are all of the spots by tomorrow morning that certainly could have visibility at less than a tenth of a mile. we're talking about fog that can be deadly and even dangerous in some cases. so certainly take it slow out there tomorrow morning. otherwise 50 in san mateo and 46 in livermore. tomorrow, we will have sunshine by midday and the afternoon. even for the east bay and north bay. then we're still looking at this
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dry pattern staying with us across most of california. we have that arcing in the cloud cover. that's a signature of high pressure. that's going to give us midday sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60. east bay, starting off in the low 40s. and once again, those patchy areas of dense fog. and that worse commute. we are looking at a tenth of a mile visibility and less from novato. highway 101, that's where it will be the worst at this point. east bay, starting off in the low 40s. mid to upper 40s. 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00, we'll get so some. 60s across the area. let's take you over to oakland. 61 for you.
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nap a valley. 65 way up into lakeport. keep it dry and sunny. once, now we're not disappointed once we get past the fog. >> something to look forward to. up next, preying on america's troops. and what it's doing to fix the problem. ring ring. progresso.
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one of the nation's biggest banks coming under fire tonight for overcharging thousands of military families for the mortgages including families of troops fighting in afghanistan. jpmorgan chase admits to the overcharging and says it improperly foreclosed on 14 military families. marine captain jonathan rolls and his wife, julia, have been at odds with chase since 2006 when the captain went on active duty. now, by law, active-duty troops generally get their rates lowered to 6% and supposed to be protected. but their rates went up to 10%. so roll hired a lawyer. >> don't have to worry about fighting the fight and keeping alive, not about whether their wives or children will be put out on the street. >> a chase spokesperson tells nbc news that rolls actually did everything right and that the bank did not. all right, raj mathai will
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be with us next with more details about the raiders' new ad ooahend a nurt ewesspeworts reporter.
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good evening again. we're used to this drill. since moving back to oakland in 1995, this will be the raiders' ninth head coach they'll introduce to us. that's about a head coach every 18 months. staggering. as we mentioned earlier, hue jackson is the new man promoted from offensive coordinator. al davis and the players love his high-energy style. via twitter tonight, raiders' backup quarterback bruce gradkowski. even former players, best receivers coach i've ever had said chad ochocinco. he'll be introduced tomorrow. the irony and controversy is usually connected with all raiders news. no exception tonight. reportedly, the ousted head coach, tom cable, is filing a grievance with the league office.
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cable just wants his money back. the raiders apparently fined cable 120,000 bucks last season for reasons unclosed. it's become tradition to hire a new sports reporter. not just anyone. someone who has a dream and preferably a third grader. we sent her on her first assignment. >> what is the key to winning tonight? >> what is the key to win tonight? score more points. >> asking the tough questions, a third grader from northern light elementary school in southeast oakland. our own lauren scott was her mentor. i don't know who had more fun. they loved her. give ger her her own time. on the run. monta ellis.
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fourth quarter, more of the same. this time the tables were turned. it's lee to ellis. monta finishes with 26. lie with 24 points. raiders s raiders, patrick marleau, congratulations to a 1,000th career game. the coyotes were cheering for him. the 31-year-old scored a goal. sharks beat the coyotes today, 4-2, your final. then finally, recognize this guy? dynamic visitor in studio last night. herschel walker appear iing to
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mixed martial arts. he lives and trains in san jose, getting ready for his fight on january 29th at the shark tank. not only is he one of the most amazing athletes in sports history, tom and jessica, he's 48 years old. >> that's stunning. doesn't look a day over 28. >> i watched him play at the sugar bowl. >> 1982 heisman winner from georgia. >> yes, yes. this was a couple years later when they played penn state. how about that? that? we all t get older, don't we? >> well, some of us. g
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just because 24 -- what happened here -- just because 24 ounces were not enough, starbucks is now coming out with a 31-ounce drink option. did you know that? >> short, tall grande. >> the trenta means 30 in italian. it's actually 31 ounces. i guess it's trenta uno. one ounce shy of the big gulp. how much coffee do you really need? >> a lot. a lot.d>> >> goodghnit, everybody. >> bye-bye. governor brown's right. we have to dump the gimmicks and truly balance the budget. the question is, do our legislators have the courage to face the backlash from their own
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parties and special interests? i'm suzanne shaw. already we're hearing the same old arguments that got us into this mess. democrats don't want to cut programs or offend public employees. republicans don't even want to put taxes on the ballot to let us decide. nbc bay area believes politicians answer to us, not the unions or out-of-state activists like grover norquist. illinois, the only state with a worse credit rating than california, now faces tax hikes of 66%. to avoid that, urge your representatives to do what's right, not what's popular. make the cuts, extend the taxes and finally balance the budget. join theat nbcediri to and ross mathews a


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